Compare - With trade guide prices on over
150,000 IT products from 2,500 manufacturers

KnowledgeBus IT Edition is deployed from the Cloud, and offered on a SaaS model.

We look after all things technical such as hosting and deployment, meaning no intrusive customer server intervention, hardware investment or hosting requirements.  

Access to IT Edition is simple - Subscribe, Login and Use.

Access anywhere, anytime.


Business Intelligence

Drive informed procurement decisions with access to a terabyte of daily updated ICT market Business Intelligence, IT Edition covers 150,000+ ‘live’ products from 2,500+ manufacturers across every category.

We also hold a data archive of over 600,000 end-of-life products. Allowing informed comparisions against superseded models.

Homepage Tile View

Access the information you need faster with our modern Tile Interfaced Homepage.

Instantly view elements such as; Channel Summaries, Latest Industry News, Latest Industry Announcements, Your Items, Lists and Frameworks.

Our Dynamic Tiles provide you with a simple, single source to access the data that matters, quicker.

Exchange Rates and Raw Materials

Purchase more strategically - Chart, plot and track primary IT price affecting elements to help predict best time to buy.

With monitoring of market patterns on global exchange rates, and Raw Materials, including: Aluminium Alloy, Lead, Praseodymium Aluminium, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Tin, Copper, Nickel and Zinc.

IT Edition really does help you to keep ahead of the industry.

Spend Analysis

Export Spend Analysis data from your List Items directly into Microsoft Excel™ - Access item data such as; Product Descriptions, Part Numbers, Quantity’s and Purchase Dates.

Analyse Spend - Monitor Channel Prices, Buy Prices, Margins, Totals, Industry Cost Guides, and with Differential Costs and Averages, you can combine the power of Excel to gain truly workable, comprehensive Spend Analysis Data.

Total Compatibility

Integrate your benchmarking workflow with third party solutions - From cloud based applications through to complex ERP systems.
IT Edition is happy to communicate, and with support for products such as Microsoft Office™

Life just got a whole lot simpler.

Import Specific Data

IT Edition allows you to upload data to perform one-off checks or to upload complete product catalogues, providing the speed and flexibility of automated population - and with tagging for additional information such as buy-price, margin and stock levels. You really will see, the difference of Knowledge.

Rapid Benchmarking

Save time and money by simply uploading IT supplier product lists or spot checks online. Perform automated comparisons with specification and trade guide price data as well as available stock checks on daily updated products within the UK IT supply chain.

Discover your supplier margin proposals, to assist fairer negotiations and validation of improved IT procurement spend.

Request For Quotations

Accelerate your purchasing processes with our advanced RFQ features.

Configure required products, select bidding suppliers, compose your quotation message, include or exclude elements such as Channel Prices and Quantities - Then deploy.

And with fully recorded quotation histories and price editing, you can rest assured that all purchasing processes can be easily tracked and reviewed when required.

Improved Efficiency

IT Edition can help to improve efficiency by reducing your duplication of effort.

Share outputs, alerts, product lists, related benchmark information and more across your departments and network offices.

Pricing Frameworks

For organisations with larger IT budgets we can provide unique pricing frameworks. These entitle your IT purchasers to special discounted prices on certain products from selected suppliers.

Once activated, your prices are cross checked against your subscribed frameworks – Meaning you always see the best price available to you.

Item Alerts

Set Alerts for specific items of interest.

Receive your alert updates via both email and account homepage, with the facilities to fully manage all received alerts within the communications area.

Configure Alerts to notify you when; Channel Stock Levels drop or drop below a certain amount, Channel Prices match, drop or drop below a certain price, when Channel Stock increases or when a product becomes Discontinued.

Benchmark On The Go

Don’t be limited by using IT Edition just on your desktop, our Cloud Web Services and range of Windows 8™ Applications allows you to utilise KnowledgeBus even when you’re on the move.

You can now connect via your Laptop, Tablet or even Smartphone – Helping to get your IT at the best possible prices, no matter where you are.